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International design brand Sarah Angold Studio houses a multidisciplinary, award-winning creative team. Inspired by graphic shapes, mathematical structures and industrial processes, the studio fuses the latest technical and digital material innovations with intricate hand-craftmanship.


A favourite among celebrity and interior stylists, Sarah Angold’s signature ranges are simultaneously edgy and elegant. Although the studio’s jewellery and lighting collections are sold worldwide, each piece is still handmade by Angold and her team in their East London studio. Intricate constructions made with tiny brass watch bolts, solid silver, gold and cast acrylic can take up to a day to build. With most runs capped at thirty, every limited edition piece is engraved with its own production number.


With products and installations in the Design Museum, Tate Modern and Royal Academy of Art, the studio’s exploration of tactile surface and architectural sculpture continues reflect the team’s passion for material diversity and innovation.

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